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Error attempting to `yarn prisma db seed`

See original GitHub issue

Hi @AlphaNecron , I’m encountering an error when attempting this (docker-compose). Any ideas?

/void # export DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:<password>@postgres/postgres
/void # yarn prisma db seed
yarn run v1.22.15
$ /void/node_modules/.bin/prisma db seed
Running seed command `ts-node --compiler-options {"module":"commonjs"} prisma/seed.ts` ...
Invalid `prisma.user.aggregate()` invocation:

  The table `public.User` does not exist in the current database.
    at cb (/void/node_modules/@prisma/client/runtime/index.js:38537:17)
    at async main (/void/prisma/seed.ts:8:17) {
  code: 'P2021',
  clientVersion: '3.3.0',
  meta: { table: 'public.User' }

An error occured while running the seed command:
Error: Command failed with exit code 1: ts-node --compiler-options {"module":"commonjs"} prisma/seed.ts

I’ve also tried npx... with the same result.

To further elaborate: postgres container is running. I see the following errors in the container:

2022-02-15 15:14:17.132 UTC [1019] ERROR:  relation "public.User" does not exist at character 56
2022-02-15 15:19:43.828 UTC [1297] STATEMENT:  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT "public"."User"."id" FROM "public"."User" WHERE 1=1 OFFSET $1) AS "sub"
2022-02-15 15:14:17.132 UTC [1019] STATEMENT:  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT "public"."User"."id" FROM "public"."User" WHERE 1=1 OFFSET $1) AS "sub"
2022-02-15 15:19:43.828 UTC [1297] ERROR:  relation "public.User" does not exist at character 56

Thank you,

_Originally posted by @tmeuze in

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  • Created 2 years ago
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AlphaNecroncommented, Feb 22, 2022

No need, normally it does automatically for you.

AlphaNecroncommented, Feb 15, 2022
  • Stop all related containers
  • Do docker rmi postgres -f
  • Rebuild using Docker compose However, you can consider changing from v0 to dev branch. (By editing docker-compose.yml)
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