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Some issues I noticed with latest commits

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

So glad to see @Prefinem working on this again =]

  1. I pulled the latest commit hoping it would fix torrent updates in loader.js but it seems the same behaviour to me. I don’t see seed/leech being updated. Nothing shows up in loader-out.log, or loader.error.log with debug = true in index.js. When I run scraper.js I see in log:

Total Torrents: 785004 Torrents without Tracker: 781921 Torrents not in Search: 361

  1. Another issue I found was that I kept noticing 0 byte files being scraped, or at least I thought they were 0byte! When I checked mysql I found they had a proper length field BUT they had a huge files field which was always truncated abruptly due to max length on TEXT type field in mysql. You can maybe see what I mean here:

I did this to test (ALTER TABLE torrents MODIFY `files` MEDIUMTEXT;) and it seems no more broken file lists but this opens us up to 16mb max record sizes on this field. Might be worth it to truncate these instead in parser.js but I’m not sure the best approach 😕

  1. The last issue I noticed is I still cannot seem to filter out the invalid character � from scrapes, I’ve tried 0xFFFD, � - and a few others…but I’ll keep trying. I haven’t tested but I think this should work on all unexpected characters: dataStr.replace(/[\u{0080}-\u{FFFF}]/gu,"");

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:33 (10 by maintainers)

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ghostcommented, Feb 8, 2019
Showing rows 0 - 751 (752 total, Query took 3.2976 seconds.)
select * from `torrents` where `searchUpdate` = false limit 1000


Showing rows 0 - 419 (420 total, Query took 0.8087 seconds.)
select infohash from `torrents` where `searchUpdate` = false limit 1000
ghostcommented, Feb 8, 2019

it appears overnight its not even querying the database to update trackers… and i havent changed strange on hetzner server and digital ocean.

update… seems opensurfer not working same for milez. would it be possible to add some type of fallback or timeout. so if opensurf not responding use a fallback tracker? @Prefinem

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