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Creating a follower after using `setPosition` lags the world

See original GitHub issue


I’ve currently got followers added in my game world. Followers can be added and removed with no problem.

However, when I attempt to use setPosition before spawning a follower – everything functions well until said follower is spawned in. When the follower is spawned in, the world begins to lag uncontrollably.

Here is the bug in action: I attempted to show you the bug occurring after spawning a follower and then using setPosition, as well as using setPosition prior to any follower spawning.

Note that my follower creation code is simply adding a character and using .follow(). Remove is a bit more complicated than that, but the bug occurs prior to removing a follower.

This video also displays the bug occurring in #273.

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  • Created a year ago
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zewa666commented, Apr 14, 2022

@ok1a setPosition takes an optional 3rd param being the layer. have you tried setting that?

ok1acommented, Apr 28, 2022

I was thinking of handling this locally, in the meantime, by setting a subscription to follower movements and determining the delta between playerPos and followerPos. If the delta was something like +5 or +10 tiles away, I would despawn the follower.

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