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Deactivate collision on individual locations

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Hey there. What would be the best approach to deactivate/activate collisions for an individual Position[] dynamically? My use case is the following:

As shown in the image, I have predefined slots (1) where buildings can be constructed. So what I do is that I’ve already created the tiles for the building but used setVisible(false) on them. So at that moment those invisible tiles should be non-collidable. When the player interacts with the building sign (2) and starts construction, the visibility is set to true and the alpha slowly transitions from 0-1. Now the collisions should be available. Once the construction is done (3) everything is as usual Collisiontoggle

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notchriscommented, May 7, 2022

You canmake a reference to the tilemap you’ve created on your scene and the layer of the specific tiles you want to deactivate collision on.

Set tile index to a non-colliding tile on targetLayer

tilemap.putTileAt(-1, tileX, tileY, false,  targetLayer)

This appears to update grid engine as well since it uses a reference to the tilemap.

Annoraaqcommented, Apr 11, 2022

That’s interesting. Unfortunately in Tiled you can only set properties in the tileset and not for individual tiles afaik. But in phaser you seem to have more freedom.

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