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Save / Load state of grid engine

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Hey there @Annoraaq.

My game is progressing and I’m starting to think about creating a save/load feature. The most simple case I could think of would be to create a full dump of the games state along with an load feature to read a json to restore a state. So conceptually the workflow would be:

  • To save: At any given state of the game run something like -> json.
  • To load: Refresh the game and instead of loading the gridengine as usual pass on additionally the save state this.gridEngine.create(cloudCityTilemap, gridEngineConfig, jsonGameState);

Now the question is what type of information would be stored from GridEngine. As far as I understand it could be essentially everything related to Characters, or is there more to it? Also for multiple scenes I’d simply call save of every scene in order to get the gridEngine states of every “map”

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zewa666commented, Mar 28, 2022

yep totally right. Certainly better ergonomics with Partial vs Except. My point with Except was to indicate that setCharacterState definitely should not set the id, even if provided. But you’re right that can be silently handled.

zewa666commented, Mar 18, 2022

Agree with all points you made.

and staying future-proof is the exact reason I was heading for these helpers vs having to call individual methods.

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