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Repeatedly performing npm-install fails with EISGIT: Appears to be a git repo or submodule

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Issue Description

When repeatedly performing npm install with a dependency on react-native-version-number, npm fails with the error code EISGIT.

I have declared a dependency on on react-native-version-number in my package.json like so:

  "dependencies": {
    "react-native-version-number": ">=0.2.0",

Performing npm install for the first time succeeds. Performing npm install immediately again will fail:

$ rm -rf node_modules/
$ npm install
$ <installation succeeds>
$ npm install
npm ERR! path <path/to/project/root>/node_modules/react-native-version-number
npm ERR! code EISGIT
npm ERR! git <path/to/project/root>/node_modules/react-native-version-number: Appears to be a git repo or submodule.
npm ERR! git     <path/to/project/root>/node_modules/react-native-version-number
npm ERR! git Refusing to remove it. Update manually,
npm ERR! git or move it out of the way first.

When inspecting the installed react-native-version-number module in node_modules, I found that the module contains a .git file.

Any help resolving this failure would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
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  • Comments:43 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kkjdanielcommented, Nov 1, 2017

+1 I am also having this issue. As @alexgvozden mentions, the package needs to be updated to remove the .git directory from the package. As a temporary fix for @sdduursma , just go into the directory and use rm -rf .git this will stop NPM complaining.

alexgvozdencommented, Oct 24, 2017

seems that project owner needs to remove git repository from the package…

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