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Postgres enum values

See original GitHub issue

It seems that enum values when using postgres are not supported. Maybe even the Data API does not support enums in stringValue parameters (I just asked AWS about this).

Similar problem with jsonb type:


I managed to get enums working by wrapping the value in a function (which tells typeorm to pass it as raw - so it avoids parameters)


status: () => `'${Status.PENDING}'`,

// instead of
status: Status.PENDING,

What also works is casting (mentioned in the linked issue):

UPDATE property SET status=:status::property_status_enum

(enum name in schema is property_status_enum and passed query parameters: {status: 'pending'})

Casting requires you to use raw queries which kind of goes against typeorm workflow. Could this casting be implemented in this driver or somewhere else? @ArsenyYankovsky

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nimrodkorcommented, Aug 2, 2020

Would love this feature too @ArsenyYankovsky

ArsenyYankovskycommented, Apr 2, 2021

@seawatts @davingreen I just released a driver with a fix for this (2.0.4). You also don’t have to use my fork anymore since new TypeORM 0.3.32 was released. Feel free to comment here or open a new issue if something doesn’t work.

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