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I have several columns that use timestamptz, however TypeORM (or the driver or AWS - I really don’t know) returns the value without the ‘Z’ that represents the correct timezone. The value is treated as a string type and not as a Date type (normal behaviour) due to (I guess) parsing problems.

PLEASE SEE this issue from local-data-api for more information:

Me and @koxudaxi are trying to investigate but we need more help…

I’ve made a test repo to try the strange (error???) behaviour. You can find it here.

After hours of trial and error I’ve finally discovered another issue (sorry 😅😅😅) that is a little “bit dangerous” since has not been discovered even in the older versions (pre 0.6). The value of timestamptz (timestamp with timezone) (See this) is trimmed after 3 digits (of the ms) removing the ‘Z’ of the timezone. In javascript trying to parse the value without the ‘Z’ results in a ‘string’ type rather than a ‘Date’ type. However this causes undefined behaviour or parsing exceptions in other languages. NB: This problem affect both working and not working versions of docker compose. I’ve updated the with a new testing procedures (not only for timestamptz): PS: timestamp works 😎

Any idea or suggestion will be super appreciated!!!

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ArsenyYankovskycommented, Mar 25, 2021

The warning is coming from the TypeORM code, so nothing I can do there. The timestamptz timezone is remove so the original code was correct it seems. You can still use the 2.0.1 then to get a correct result. I will make proper fixes and add test cases based on data api documentation later this week when I have time.

ArsenyYankovskycommented, Apr 2, 2021

You don’t have to use my fork anymore since new TypeORM 0.3.32 was released. Feel free to comment here or open a new issue if something doesn’t work.

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TIMESTAMPTZ converts TIMESTAMP values from UTC to the client's session time zone (unless another time zone is specified for the value).
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Documentation: 15: 8.5. Date/Time Types - PostgreSQL
timestamptz is accepted as an abbreviation for timestamp with time zone ; this is a PostgreSQL extension. time , timestamp , and interval...
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Stores the specified date and time. TIMESTAMPTZ is the same as TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE : both data types store the UTC offset...
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Understanding PostgreSQL Timestamp Data Types
The timestamptz datatype is the timestamp with the time zone. The timestamptz datatype is a time zone-aware date and time data type.
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TIMESTAMPTZ (Oracle Database JDBC Java API Reference)
the java.sql.Time object represented by Oracle TIMESTAMPTZ object. Only the hour, minute and seconds are contained in the java.sql.Time object that is returned ......
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