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"npm start" is not working

See original GitHub issue

while I am trying to run the project I am getting bellow error.

Please note : I have not done any changes to project and I am running code from master branch . I tried with yarn also . node: 12.19.0v


SyntaxError: D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\watchpack\lib\chokidar.js: 'return' outside of function (4:1)

  2 | try {
  3 |   module.exports = require("chokidar");
> 4 |   return;
    |   ^
  5 | } catch(e) {
  6 |   v3Err = e;
  7 | }
    at Object._raise (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\error.js:60:45)
    at Object.raiseWithData (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\error.js:55:17)
    at Object.raise (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\error.js:39:17)
    at Object.parseReturnStatement (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:563:12)
    at Object.parseStatementContent (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:197:21)
    at Object.parseStatement (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:151:17)
    at Object.parseBlockOrModuleBlockBody (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:871:25)
    at Object.parseBlockBody (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:841:10)
    at Object.parseBlock (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:811:10)
    at Object.parseTryStatement (D:\ResumeBuilder\V03\avinash-resume-pwa\node_modules\@babel\parser\src\parser\statement.js:653:23) {
  loc: Position { line: 4, column: 1 },
  pos: 57,

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  • Created 3 years ago
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  • Comments:10 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

sunilhari9commented, Jun 17, 2021

Same for me any solution for this?

jeffwilcoxcommented, Mar 13, 2021

Hopefully this pull request is accepted at some point in watchpack

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