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Not working build

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Hello, I have been developing my new app with pawjs for several weeks so far and now the deploy time has came. However, when I tried to run build with following command: npm run build && node dist/server.js (on new machine with clean deps install) it fails on following error: Error: Cannot find module “…/app/components/Error/404”

Interestingly, I tried to build on another machine (old deps installed weeks ago) and it gives me another error: TypeError: n is not a function. But main point is, it fails on node dist/server.js command… what can I do? Or how can I bypass it at least temporary? Do you need any other info from me in order to debug it more properly?

Thank you very much advance.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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jsifaldacommented, Mar 23, 2018

When I disabled the uglification, I managed to found out that TypeError: n is not a function is actually TypeError: require is not a function… in one of the libraries I use. After long time researching, I managed to fix with this "global.GENTLY": false adding it into uglifyJS configuration… (in DefinePlugin)

tirthbodawalacommented, Mar 22, 2018

@jsifalda storage option is provided out of the box via pawjs you can find it in direct route components via this.props.localStorage ==> this localStorage is actually Cookie Storage.

To stop uglification for servers there is no such option in current version (we are adding that in upcoming stable version of pawjs) but you can directly go to node_modules/pawjs/src/webpack/config/prod.server.babel.js and comment the uglify plugin totally temporarily.

Will provide a path soon.

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