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Here is the wishlist I’d like to have for the next major version:

  • Don’t use Grid for table header
  • Replace react-virtualized with react-window #12
  • remove deprecated lifecycles #10
  • Dynamic row heights #170
  • Make virtualization configurable
  • A11y
  • UT
  • plugin support
  • rewrite with TypeScript
  • support custom children key

Breaking changes:

  • use rollup to bundle package
  • omit placeholders in rowRenderer
  • rename tagName to as or elementType
  • rename scrollToPosition to scrollTo
  • rename headerRenderer to headerRowRenderer
  • rename headerRenderer for Column to headerCellRenderer
  • move AutoResizer to a separate package

Nice to have:

  • better size calculation to support cell with borders #149

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:9
  • Comments:42 (10 by maintainers)

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nihgwucommented, Aug 9, 2021

@kaleem-elahi No, even I don’t use this component much as I leave the previous project, but it’s a baby of mine, so I will keep on improving it(and it’s still heavily used in the projects I worked on), and actually there are not much blocking issues for the current version, and I’ll ask for the permission to access this repo for better maintenance, what I wanted to say is that for the next major version it’s going to be a completely rewrite so it won’t arrive soon

elevator3commented, Nov 7, 2019

First of all I just wanted to say that I really really like the react-base-table but am unable to use it right now for the following reasons. It also seems to me that those are issues that everyone will benefit from…

  • Lack of documentation. The examples are great but they do not describe well what are the additional options or full usage of the particular feature. Not as easy to figure whatever you are looking at especially for the more complicated examples.

  • I am not sure who is using the ellipsis in the cells and why would that be a default other than the table not being able to support auto row heights.

  • If you use the rowHeight to modify the row height of the whole table the performance when displaying hundreds of rows, which is something that is supposed to be better, goes out of the window.

Please understand this is not a criticism of what you currently have but a request to make it easier for people to understand and start use it with enough basic features out of the box.

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