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app-delivery expects yaml output, but cdk synth only outputs json

See original GitHub issue

I’d like to report a simple bug in the app-delivery module. I’m trying to use the app-deploy module to build and self-deploy a CDK app, just like in the documentation. The problem is that the app-deploy model expects the built CFN to be in yaml format (see, but running node_modules/.bin/cdk synth -o dist will only produce json output, no matter what options you supply.

The only way I’ve been able work around the problem is to do a dodgey content redirect in the buildspec.yml file

  # When redirecting, the directory must exist before the command is run.
  # TODO remove when cdk bug is resolved.
  - mkdir -p dist

  # There is a bug in CDK whereby the cdk command generates json when using the 
  # -o option, but the app-deploy target expects yaml.  To work around this, we
  # do silly buggers with redirection of the stdout, which is yaml.
  - node_modules/.bin/cdk synth -o dist > dist/CodepipelineMetaStack.template.yaml

Whilst this makes it work, it isn’t very elegant and its prone to output changes in the cdk executable. Its trivial to fix, so I thought I’d raise this issue.

This is related to in that fixing that one would allow me to create a yaml file as part of a call to cdk synth. You could either fix that bug, or change the linked file to expect json instead…

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

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eklinkhammercommented, Sep 8, 2019

As a short term fix, I added this to my buildspec: - find dist/ -name '*.template.json' -exec rename 's/\.json$/.yaml/' \{} \;

eladbcommented, Aug 13, 2019

Got it. Confirming this is a bug in the app-delivery library.

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