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[Feature] ecs.FargateService should accept array of subnets

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It would be nice if we can pass existing subnets to a FargateServiceProps. Our SecOps prevents us from creating subnets ad-hoc, thus we cannot use ecs.FargateService construct. Thanks!

const service = new ecs.FargateService(this, "FargateService", {
    cluster: cluster,
    taskDefinition: fargateTaskDefinition,
    desiredCount: 1,
    securityGroup: sg

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:8 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rix0rrrcommented, Mar 5, 2019

@allankp Cluster.import does not take an IVpcNetwork, it takes VpcNetworkImportProps. Correct code:

 const cluster = ecs.Cluster.import(this, 'Cluster', {
            clusterName: "cluster_name",
            vpc: {
              vpcId: 'vpc-xxxxx',
              availabilityZones: ['eu-west-1a', 'eu-west-1b'],
              privateSubnetIds: ['subnet-xxxxx', 'subnet-xxxx'],
            securityGroups: [{securityGroupId: 'securityGroupId'}]
robertdcommented, Mar 5, 2019

@allankp Same here. The only way I was able to populate subnets was using this in cluster construct.

            vpc: {
              vpcId: 'vpc-xxxxx',
              availabilityZones: ['eu-west-1a', 'eu-west-1b'],
              privateSubnetIds: ['subnet-xxxxx', 'subnet-xxxx'],
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