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[Question]: Adding an existing Security Group to an ALB

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When I add an existing security group to elbv2.ApplicationLoadBalancer CFN still tries to create security group ingress resource. Is this by design? I thought that once you import the SG, ALB would just accept it as is (ISecurityGroup). Is this not the case or I’m doing something wrong? Do I need to use cfnLoadBalancer instead? Thanks!

 //Import existing VPC
    const vpc = ec2.VpcNetwork.importFromContext(this, "VPC", {
      vpcId: vpcId     

    //Import existing Security Group
    const sg = ec2.SecurityGroup.import(this, "SecurityGroup", {
      securityGroupId: securityGroupId

    //Create an instance of Elastic Load Blancer
    const alb = new elbv2.ApplicationLoadBalancer(this, "ALB", {
      vpc: vpc,
      securityGroup: sg,
      ipAddressType: elbv2.IpAddressType.Ipv4
    Type: AWS::EC2::SecurityGroupIngress
      IpProtocol: tcp
      Description: Allow from anyone on port 443
      FromPort: 443
      GroupId: sg-xxxxxxx
      ToPort: 443
      aws:cdk:path: DlvEcsClustersStack/SecurityGroup/from
    Type: AWS::ElasticLoadBalancingV2::LoadBalancer
      IpAddressType: ipv4
      LoadBalancerAttributes: []
      Scheme: internal
        - sg-xxxxxxx
        - subnet-xxxxxxxx
        - subnet-xxxxxxxx
        - subnet-xxxxxxxx
      Type: application
      aws:cdk:path: DlvEcsClustersStack/ALB/Resource

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ali-habibzadehcommented, Apr 16, 2019

Same issue here. Any updates on this? Importing only creates new SGs and ignores the security group id passed into it

rix0rrrcommented, Oct 30, 2019

SecurityGroup.fromSecurityGroupId now takes an “options” struct which allows making imported security groups immutable.

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