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(pipelines): ManualApprovalStep should support SNS notifications

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pipelines.ManualApprovalStep should be able to send an SNS notification to a user when their approval is requested.

Use Case

I’m migrating an old pipelines.CdkPipeline to pipelines.CodePipeline. The previous pipeline is using codepipeline_actions.ManualApprovalAction which supports the above functionality, but the parallel pipelines.ManualApprovalStep does not.

Proposed Solution

pipelines.ManualApprovalStep exposes an SNS notification topic property for providing this configuration.

Other information

As a workaround, one could implement a custom Step that exposes the codepipeline_actions.ManualApprovalAction for the pipelines.CodePipeline version.


  • I may be able to implement this feature request
  • This feature might incur a breaking change

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 2 years ago
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  • Comments:12 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

yvthepiefcommented, Oct 20, 2022

I’ve implemented it via Arbitrary CodePipeline Action/Step. Little blog on it can be found here:

code used is: ` @jsii.implements(pipelines.ICodePipelineActionFactory) class ManualApprovalWithSNSStep(pipelines.Step): “”" Create an Arbitrary CodePipeline step to enable SNS with manual approval “”"

def __init__(self, id_, topic: aws_sns.ITopic):

    self.topic = topic

def produce_action(
    stage: aws_codepipeline.IStage,
    options: pipelines.ProduceActionOptions,
) -> pipelines.CodePipelineActionFactoryResult:
            additional_information="please approve",

    return pipelines.CodePipelineActionFactoryResult(run_orders_consumed=1)


DharmSonariyacommented, Nov 29, 2022


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