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Paging support: byPage not exposing settings parameter

See original GitHub issue

When generating an operation with paging, it mostly works well, except the byPage method that is generated does not pass the settings parameter down as defined on the PagedAsyncIterableIterator interface.

export interface PagedAsyncIterableIterator<T, PageT = T[], PageSettingsT = PageSettings> {
  next(): Promise<IteratorResult<T, T>>;
  [Symbol.asyncIterator](): PagedAsyncIterableIterator<T, PageT, PageSettingsT>;
  byPage: (settings?: PageSettingsT) => AsyncIterableIterator<PageT>;

Generate code:

public listAvailableWorkers(
    options?: RouterGetAvailableWorkersOptionalParams
  ): PagedAsyncIterableIterator<Worker> {
    const iter = this.getAvailableWorkersPagingAll(options);
    return {
      next() {
      [Symbol.asyncIterator]() {
        return this;
      byPage: () => {
        return this.getAvailableWorkersPagingPage(options);

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:28 (17 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

MRayermannMSFTcommented, Nov 10, 2022

I rewrote your above example slightly in a way that I think shows what is going on a bit better. One of our struggles with pagination is that it’s not obvious that the list operation doesn’t return a promise…

Haha, I think when we migrated from the super old SDKs we just assumed methods named like list still returned promises. Thanks for pointing out where we can drop the some awaits.

Would calling it the last value produced by the byPage iterator be clearer? In pagination (and most iterators) we don’t use the return value feature of the iterator protocol.

Yes I think that would be clearer. Even more clearer would be if the comment put “value” and “byPage” in back-tics (`), and maybe even with a leading dot on “value”. So like:

 * ...the last `.value` produced by the `byPage` iterator...
function getContinuationToken() {}
kazrael2119commented, Nov 3, 2022

Hi @MRayermannMSFT , The below is new sdk package

We would like you help us verify whether the package works as your expected before release, you can also learn more by this pr:


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