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unintentional clear output folder

See original GitHub issue

Autorest will clear output folder when I don’t specify --clear-output-folder in command line or anywhere. Even I try to use --clear-output-folder=false to force it not to clear the output folder, it won’t work.

To repro:

  1. run this command autorest --typescript --version=3.1.3 --use=@autorest/typescript@6.0.0-beta.9 --modelerfour.lenient-model-deduplication --license-header=MICROSOFT_MIT_NO_VERSION --typescript-sdks-folder=../azure-sdk-for-js ../azure-rest-api-specs/specification/dns/resource-manager/
  2. run rush update && rush build, we should be able to see the review folder after it finishes.
  3. run this command again autorest --typescript --version=3.1.3 --use=@autorest/typescript@6.0.0-beta.9 --modelerfour.lenient-model-deduplication --license-header=MICROSOFT_MIT_NO_VERSION --typescript-sdks-folder=../azure-sdk-for-js ../azure-rest-api-specs/specification/dns/resource-manager/ You will see review or dist or dist-esm folder is gone.

I also tried to remove the --version=3.1.3 and run autorest --reset before I run those commands, still not working.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

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sarangan12commented, Aug 24, 2021

So, I am assuming your statement is:

  1. Clear the src folder
  2. Then generate the code (irrespective of clear-output-folder/generate-metadata option)

That looks like a reasonable thing to do. Let me send the PR soon for this. Let me know if my understanding is correct

sarangan12commented, Aug 25, 2021
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