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Deploy fails at redis container app

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Minimal steps to reproduce

azd up

Any log messages given by the failure

Deployment Error Details: ContainerAppOperationError: Failed to provision revision for container app ‘redis’. Error details: Operation expired.

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  • State:open
  • Created 3 months ago
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Jeroen-VdBcommented, Jun 9, 2023

I was able to resolve this by reverting back to the latest available version included in the documentation. Next, because the service and serviceBind properties were not recognized, I commented them out and was able to successfully deploy the template. Not sure what these properties do exactly.

I changed container-app.bicep as follows:

resource app 'Microsoft.App/containerApps@2022-11-01-preview' = {
  name: name
  location: location
  tags: tags
  // It is critical that the identity is granted ACR pull access before the app is created
  // otherwise the container app will throw a provision error
  // This also forces us to use an user assigned managed identity since there would no way to 
  // provide the system assigned identity with the ACR pull access before the app is created
  dependsOn: usePrivateRegistry ? [ containerRegistryAccess ] : []
  identity: {
    type: normalizedIdentityType
    userAssignedIdentities: !empty(identityName) && normalizedIdentityType == 'UserAssigned' ? { '${}': {} } : null
  properties: {
    configuration: {
      activeRevisionsMode: revisionMode
      ingress: ingressEnabled ? {
        external: external
        targetPort: targetPort
        transport: 'auto'
        corsPolicy: {
          allowedOrigins: union([ '', '' ], allowedOrigins)
      } : null
      dapr: daprEnabled ? {
        enabled: true
        appId: daprAppId
        appProtocol: daprAppProtocol
        appPort: ingressEnabled ? targetPort : 0
      } : { enabled: false }
      secrets: secrets
      //service: !empty(serviceType) ? { type: serviceType } : null
      registries: usePrivateRegistry ? [
          server: '${containerRegistryName}'
      ] : []
    template: {
      //serviceBinds: !empty(serviceBinds) ? serviceBinds : null
      containers: [
          image: !empty(imageName) ? imageName : ''
          name: containerName
          env: env
          resources: {
            cpu: json(containerCpuCoreCount)
            memory: containerMemory
      scale: {
        minReplicas: containerMinReplicas
        maxReplicas: containerMaxReplicas
giorgiococcicommented, Jun 13, 2023

@Jeroen-VdB thank you for the work around you proposed, it also solved the same problem for me

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