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Pixel-Depth Scaling Incorrect

See original GitHub issue

I believe the calculation for the pixel-depth of the Camera sensor to be incorrect. Please see the below two images:


As you can see, the image on the left is using the default near_far=(0.01, 1000) during Camera initialisation. However this image is completely useless for vehicle navigation because all objects close to the car for a significant distance, such as bushes, have a lightness value of 0. So, I have reduced the Camera on the right’s near_far=(0.01, 100), expecting that objects at a distance of 100 to have a lightness value of 255 and objects at 0.01 to have a lightness value of 0. This should result in objects closer to the vehicle having a much more fine and resolved lightness scale. As you can see this is not the case.

The lightness values are not scaling whatsoever with the near_far setting of the camera. The image on the right shows that all objects within range of the cameras near_far clipping range, have the exact same lightness values as the image on the left. The only difference is the sky appearing darker because it is clipped at a shorter distance. I am almost certain this is not correct behaviour?


I believe the above code located in the Camera class in the decode_response method is maybe the culprit.

If indeed this is normal behaviour, how can I go about making objects closer to the vehicle have a finer resolution of depth? Because these depth images are completely useless to me.


To reproduce this behaviour, simply attach a Camera to a vehicle and adjust the near_far setting:



If the lightness values are scaled correctly, i would expect the sky to always remain white (lightness 255).

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  • Created 3 years ago
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BleedObsidiancommented, Mar 7, 2021

@pascale-commits Thanks for the guidelines. I’ve submitted a new pull request and also agreed to the CLA (sent an email to

mihalykorodicommented, Feb 13, 2021

Hi! I have the same problem. This should fix it #105

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