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BeamNG.research Connection problem

See original GitHub issue

I just downloaded (via SVN) the BeamNG.research repository. is empty. In a conda enviroment I installed BeamNGpy via pip install beamngpy.

When I try the example code with west_coast_usa, BeamNG starts but after a short time it threws the following error:

055.319|D|GELua.scenario_scenarios.scenarios|should run: false; state: running 055.322|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json 055.325|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level. 055.442|E|GELua.ResearchCom|Error reading from socket: closed 055.472|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|info.json missing: /levels/garage/info.json 055.473|E|GELua.core_levels.levels|No entry point for level found: /levels/garage. Ignoring level. 055.613|E|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchCom|Error reading from socket: closed 057.143|I|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchVE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64257 059.355|I|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchVE|Could not connect... 060.001|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64256 062.317|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Could not connect... 063.386|I|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchVE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64257 065.533|I|libbeamng.lua.V.ResearchVE|Could not connect... 065.735|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64256 067.760|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Could not connect... 074.911|I|GELua.util_researchGE.ResearchGE|Trying to connect to: localhost:64256

What could be the problem?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

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vladimirwestcommented, Oct 24, 2019

The game is running perfectly when python script is executing. So simplest solution that worked for me is add time.sleep(99999) to the end of the main python script.

manojhuilgolcommented, Nov 15, 2019

@vladimirwest Can you please describe where exactly did you add time.sleep() ? I tried adding it inside def main() function, but still it is not working.

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