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Fallback to langcode if locale unknown

See original GitHub issue

There are few situations, which covers following issue:

  • Numbro won’t try to match langcode in case full locale is unknown

    Let’s say we have locale es-ARG. Numbro doesn’t have such locale and thus will throw error about unknown locale, but it can at least try to match langcode (es). In some very rare scenarios it isn’t best approach, but it will work for most cases. It’s better then receive unformatted value.

  • Numbro will ignore locales, which consists only from langcode. For example, ru is same as ru-RU. Numbro won’t accept ru as locale name, despite it’s perfectly valid.

  • Sometimes we want to provide just langcode and let fortune decide for which exactly country formatting should be picked up — for most languages it’s ok

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  • Created 8 years ago
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BenjaminVanRyseghemcommented, Oct 17, 2015

numbro.setLanguage seems exactly what we need. However, it’s marked as depreciated. Will it be incorporated somewhere?

We may keep it, it’s still under discussion 😄

How it works is:

  • numbro.setLocale(‘ru-BR’, ‘fr-FR’):
    • first try to match the exact code;
    • second try tom find a code matching ru-*
    • third, if a default is provided, falls back to it (french here)
    • otherwise falls back to en-US
  • numbro.setCulture(‘ru-BR’, ‘fr-FR’):
    • first try to match the exact code;
    • second try tom find a code matching *-BR
    • third, if a default is provided, falls back to it (french here)
    • otherwise falls back to en-US

Hope it helps

gwynjuddcommented, Mar 30, 2017

@timmcintosh one way to hard code the behaviour we want is to make an alias like this:

var zhTW = numbro.cultureData('zh-TW');
numbro.culture('zh-Hant', zhTW);

I’m leaning towards us doing this kind of thing instead of spending too much effort changing the fallback code to make it more complex.

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