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Object not properly deserialized due to case-sensitivity

See original GitHub issue


First of all, thanks for the library! It’s great to have possibility to use SignalR in Blazor with C#.

I have an issue with deserialization of an object. There’s an example code attached.

On client side I changed the Index component to subscribe to a hub and added a button to poke a controller on server side that sends an object through the hub.

Problem is, that all strings are empty in the object received in the client in method registered through .On<> (OnPostReceived). The contents of the received message is logged to console:


When I looked at the packets through Wireshark they seemed to contain sensible data.

It’s also possible that I’m doing something very wrong.

I’m using strongly-typed hub on the server, but I don’t think it should matter.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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MiKomcommented, Jul 9, 2019

@dave-bt To work around the problem before the fix is released you can force the Json serializer to always use lowercase property names like that:

    public class Post
        public string Author { get; set; } = "";

        public string Content { get; set; } = "";

You may need to add reference to the System.Text.Json package however if your class is located in netstandard2.1 project (default with Blazor .Shared projects):

    <PackageReference Include="System.Text.Json" Version="4.6.0-preview6.19303.8" />
galvesribeirocommented, Aug 13, 2019

Yes, the current System.Text.Json requires you to use JsonPropertyName.

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