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RWKV-4 169m/430m in browser with ORT Web / TF.js / tfjs-tflite?

See original GitHub issue

Hi, really exciting project! I’m wondering if you’ve published the model conversion script that you used to create the js_models files from the .pth model file? It would be awesome to see how the larger and newer models like RWKV-4 169m/430m perform in the browser! I think the inference speed of RWKV opens up many new possibilities for language models on the web.

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AXKuhtacommented, Aug 28, 2022

Finally tested the webgl backend on a real GPU:

GTX 1060 6GB

169m model		68.6 ms/token
430m model 		119 ms/token

As seen above, the 430m model also works on webgl now. It turns out my state store/restore code was breaking it: with a 24 layer model, it would attempt to stack 24 tensors at once, which would exceed the 16 input textures limit in WebGL. I worked around this by stacking 12 tensors at a time, twice, then using to glue two stacks.

The stacking code can be removed, but then the 430m model will have 120 individual inputs/outputs for state, which sound scary.

I guess this kind of vindicates the webgl backend? It does outperform wasm when used on a real GPU, and it can also run the non-quantized 430m model, while wasm can’t. Of course, it is still significantly slower than native.

@josephrocca I opened two new PRs in your huggingface repo, one with the updated 430m webgl model and the other removing the outdated model.

AXKuhtacommented, Aug 26, 2022

@BlinkDL The final [768, 50277] matmul is the slowest component. It’s almost as slow as the entire model on WASM, which is kind of surprising, considering that GPUs are supposed to be good at matmul. It may be caused by the fact that it doesn’t fit under the texture size limit of 16384 so onnxruntime does some magic to remap it into a 6214x6214 texture instead, possibly making it slow.

Gradually removing parts of the model until there is nothing left except input->output passthrough
Nvidia GeForce 520MX
169m model

Baseline full model			344ms		N/A
Removed state store/restore		326ms		-18ms
Removed final matmul 			145ms 		-181ms
Removed 12 x self.FF() 			60ms 		-85ms
Removed 12 x self.SA() 			30ms 		-30ms
Removed 26 x self.LN() 			16ms 		-14ms
Removed w.emb.weight[ctx[-1]] 		0.7ms 		-15.3ms

@josephrocca Yeah, I think it’s better to wait for WebGPU instead of pursuing WebGL any further. It seems to work well for graphics, but not so much for compute.

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