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Error display on website.

See original GitHub issue

What i did / Steps to reproduce

I just install this mod, and configure configs, then start my server.

Expected result

It should be working fine

Actual result

I can see that the webservice is up, while I can only see a complete black map. Also, I can see players on website. Just the map is all black.


BlueMap Version:


Here is the log output that may help:

[12:16:57] [RenderManager-1-0/ERROR]: RenderManager(1): WorkerThread(0): Exception while doing some work!
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "de.bluecolored.bluemap.core.resourcepack.texture.Texture.getId()" because "stillTexture" is null
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at de.bluecolored.bluemap.common.rendermanager.WorldRegionRenderTask.doWork( ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at de.bluecolored.bluemap.common.rendermanager.CombinedRenderTask.doWork( ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at de.bluecolored.bluemap.common.rendermanager.RenderManager.doWork( ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at de.bluecolored.bluemap.common.rendermanager.RenderManager.access$400( ~[BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]
at de.bluecolored.bluemap.common.rendermanager.RenderManager$ [BlueMap-1.7.2-fabric-1.18.jar:?]

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

heyuhengmattcommented, Feb 20, 2022

Alright, after some time it finally load the map successfully. Thanks for your helpXD

heyuhengmattcommented, Feb 20, 2022

Or, does the reload of a map cost very long time? I see it reloading, and when I type /bluemap, it says BlueMap is not loaded, try /bluemap reload

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