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What i did / Steps to reproduce

I installed latest build on my survival server with papermc.

Expected result

Plugin would work normally as long as server stays on.

Actual result

I have monitored my server ram usage and looks like BlueMap latest build 1.7.2 has memoryleak somewhere or badly stored variable. Server itself uses 5Gb of ram in avarage and when I enable BlueMap and keep server running for like 6 hours, ram usage climps up to 16Gb which is maxium of my server and when I use PlugMan to unload BlueMap, ram usage drops back to 5Gb.


BlueMap Version:

Server os: linux Java version: Java 17 Server software: Paper (paper-1.18-63)

I use default configs, only webserver port changed

Also there is screenshot when I unloaded BlueMap using PlugMan unknown Example of crashreport: crash-2021-12-09_16.44.36-server.txt n

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:20 (10 by maintainers)

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videosambocommented, Dec 13, 2021

I will try to redownload latest build just to check that current one isn’t corrupted or something idk

videosambocommented, Jan 9, 2022

@videosambo any news on this? If you still have this issue, please reopen it with a heap-dump of your server. You can create one using /paper heap 😃

I am now im army so I have been quiet. I replacee bluemap jar and now no crashes. So problem was propably corrupted jar

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