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Calling Format gone?

See original GitHub issue

I can’t find any reference to S3 “calling format” in boto3. At first I thought it was just a documentation oversight, but I can’t find anything like that in the source code, either (though the source code is completely different from boto2, so maybe I just don’t know what to look for).

Is this feature gone? Without OrdinaryCallingFormat, is it now impossible to use this with fake-s3?

I found this page which suggests this will help:

from botocore.utils import fix_s3_host'before-sign.s3', fix_s3_host)

but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Here’s the simplified test case I’m working with:

import boto3
from StringIO import StringIO
session = boto3.session.Session(aws_access_key_id='1',
s3 = session.resource('s3', endpoint_url='http://localhost:5353', use_ssl=False)
bucket = s3.Bucket('my-local-bucket')

obj = bucket.Object(key='my-test-key')

obj = bucket.Object(key='my-test-key')
obj.get()['Body'].read()  # returns the empty string

The documentation doesn’t say, but empirically, it seems the keys passed to Session can’t be None, but they can be any string.

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jameslscommented, Nov 2, 2015

It might help to turn on debug logging to see what endpoints it’s trying to connect to. At the top of your script you can add:

import boto3

And it will print out debug logs to stderr.

jameslscommented, Nov 13, 2015

#325 is merged, closing out issue. Also @kengruven that latest issue you’re running into is the same as boto/botocore#601. Let’s track that issue over there.

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