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SQS Queue.receive_messages returns one message when set MaxNumberOfMessages to 10.

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Hi Guys, I can see two messages in my SQS queue in AWS web console. But method receive_messages in sqs.Queue only return one message each time. I am a little confused about this.

Here is my python code below:

sqs = boto3.resource('sqs', region_name="cn-north-1", aws_access_key_id=access_id, aws_secret_access_key=access_secret)
queue = sqs.Queue(sqs_url)
messages = queue.receive_messages(MaxNumberOfMessages=10,WaitTimeSeconds=10)
for message in messages:
    print message

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  • Created 8 years ago
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giladneuralcommented, Apr 3, 2017

Don’t count on the order of receiving the messages - put a timestamp in the message.

[Update] I take it back - SQS does support FIFO - more here:

There are only two hard problems in distributed systems:

2 . Exactly-once delivery 1 . Guaranteed order of messages 2 . Exactly-once delivery…

joshuaherrcommented, Dec 29, 2020

Yeah I’m still having this issue now. I have a queue with 2 messages in it. When I call receive_message() through boto3 I only get 1 message back. When I use the Poll for Messages button through the AWS console I get back two messages (which is correct). This is incredibly discouraging and doesn’t build much trust in boto3.

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