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Jupyter notebook itkwidget error (not visible in notebook)

See original GitHub issue

This example does not work in Jupyter notebook, the itkwidget does not show up and in my case an error is printed: Error displaying widget: model not found


from vedo import embedWindow, show
import brainrender
from brainrender.scene import Scene

brainrender.SHADER_STYLE = "cartoon"
scene = Scene(title="brain regions", inset=False)
scene.add_brain_region("TH", alpha=0.15)
val = scene.add_brain_region("VAL")
val.wireframe()scene.jupyter = True
from ipywidgets import VBox, Button
VBox([Button(description='hi'), show(*scene.renderables)])

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:14

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

nantillecommented, Dec 9, 2020

So I guess it was related to Jupyter lab more than anything else. Your code above works in Jupyter notebook. I see the brain in a basic UI (finally!).

nantillecommented, Dec 9, 2020

Yes, we can close this issue for now. Thanks for your help.

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