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Getting some strange errors on deployment

See original GitHub issue
I 2020-05-26T13:40:22.579388309Z   <-- POST /_wildcard_api/updateLockdownRule/args-in-body
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582009313Z 
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582077999Z Malformatted API request `/_wildcard_api/updateLockdownRule/args-in-body`.
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582085676Z Cannot JSON parse `[{"rule":{"_key":"q2dY","_id":"covid_lockdown_rules/q2dY","_rev":"_ajC0PfS--B","name":"Events","icon":"ZDz4","customRuleDetails":[],"levelDetails":[{"lvl":1,"type":"NOT_ALLOWED","customValues":[]},{"lvl":2,"type":"NOT_ALLOWED","customValues":[]},{"lvl":3,"type":"NOT_ALLOWED","customValues":[]},{"lvl":4,"type":"NOT_ALLOWED","customValues":[]},{"lvl":5,"type":"NOT_ALLOWED","customValues":[]}],"categories":["ZBlt","PgU-"],"description":"Sporting or Entertainment","dateCreated":"json-s:tYpE|Date|2020-05-26T13:35:34.303Z"}}]`.
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582097456Z JSON Parse Error:
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582102226Z assert.internal is not a function
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582107151Z
E 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582107151Z 
I 2020-05-26T13:40:22.582910504Z   --> POST /_wildcard_api/updateLockdownRule/args-in-body 400 4ms 673b

Hi Romuald, hope you’re well 😃

Just started getting some strange errors on a new deployment today. The strange thing is that these errors only started occurring after some time - and now even with a renewed deployment, they are still occurring. Its all very weird.

I’m investigating now, but just thought I’d drop this here in case you’ve ever seen something like this happening with Wildcard before. It seems that assert.internal is failing, so could have something to do with your custom assert library, perhaps not installing properly on the deployment side… but it should be.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:17 (10 by maintainers)

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brilloutcommented, May 26, 2020

Going to eat something, I’m starving haha. I’ll update Wildcard later tonight.

lostpebblecommented, May 26, 2020

Great, thanks!

Cool, shoot me a message closer to the time and lets make a plan to grab a beer 😃

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