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Mounting wildcard at a different url

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Hey Romuald 😃

I’ve been really struggling with getting Wildcard to work at a different URL than the one that is default /wildcard/*

For one of my next apps, I need to mount the api at a sub-path on the server - so /reports/_api/wildcard*.

I’ve tried messing around with serverUrl on the client, and while I can tell it to use http://localhost:8080/reports/_api/wildcard - when that endpoint is actually hit, wildcard responds that no endpoint was hit (or just ignores the request).

I’ve mounted wildcard at that path on my server using koa-router, and I’ve confirmed that it is definitely hitting wildcard, but the requests are falling through.

Looking into wildcard’s code, I assume this is the problematic section:

    !['GET', 'POST'].includes(method) ||
    !isPathanameBase({pathname}) && !pathname.startsWith(API_URL_BASE)
    return {isNotWildcardRequest: true, isHumanMode};

It appears that wildcard will always fail unless the path starts with /wildcard ? In my case, the path is /reports/_api/wildcard

Am I maybe missing something?

Is there no way to tell the server which wildcard base path is correct? A way to set API_URL_BASE manually perhaps.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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brilloutcommented, Apr 14, 2020

Yes serverUrl and baseUrl have different uses case, it’s prob better to separate their configuration.

The weather has been spectacular lately […] few cold ones next to the Seine!

Yes! And with some sweet potatoes 😃.

lostpebblecommented, Apr 14, 2020

Thanks @brillout ! Seems to be working perfect.

And especially thanks for making it as easy as setting baseUrl directly instead of serverUrl - really makes the configuration a lot easier because you don’t need to account for which host to point it to localhost:8080 or the live version https://....

Since you’ll have two Wildcard APIs, you may need to have two different Wildcard client instances that have distinct serverUrl. You can already do that today but it’s undocumented- let me know if you stumble upon this situation.

Cool, yea shouldn’t be a problem, as the regular Vibescout app will point to /_wildcard_api/ now, and this one is pointing to /reports/_api/wildcard. But definitely something to keep in mind in the future.

I usually travel to Paris every summer, if the curfew situation improves, then let’s grab a drink 😃.

For sure! Hopefully we all get a bit of free movement soon enough. The weather has been spectacular lately - its so hard having to be stuck indoors instead of enjoying a few cold ones next to the Seine!

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