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Won’t work in browser because of process.cwd()?

See original GitHub issue

Admittedly I’m not using this through Browserify so not sure if that would make a difference, but this lib calls process.cwd() which isn’t available in browsers (process isn’t at all).

I wonder if it could be adapted to not use this — or at least use a default / accept a config option (empty string?) when process.cwd() isn’t available — and hence be more portable.

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stucoxcommented, Mar 22, 2021

Given the above, I think that’s all fair enough and this issue is just taking up space remaining open 😁

FWIW I’d love to see the JS community moving more towards portable JS where possible, rather than relying on users having specific tools in their build chain, but it’s not remotely reasonable to demand that from a package which literally has the name of a bundler in its name!

avincentmecommented, Jan 26, 2021

You NEED to use path-browserify with a bundler like webpack or browserify.

With webpack version 5 onwards, webpack does not provide Node polyfills. Therefore you need to add a ProvidePlugin for process. ProvidePlugin essentially requires / imports a specific module for every js file that is resolved from your webpack entry.

Install process polyfill: npm i process

Add the plugin to your webpack config

    plugins: [
        new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
            process: 'process/browser',
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