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Support OTP in Browserpass v3

See original GitHub issue

OTP was intentionally not re-implemented in Browserpass v3, but given that some of you might want to implement this functionality as a fork or extension to Browserpass, let’s coordinate this effort to prevent duplication and fragmentation of your work.

Creating a separate browser extension that will also talk to Browserpass native host is always an option, although it has its drawbacks.

However after reading your feedback in #322 and #331, @erayd came up with the following neat idea and convinced me to agree to it:

  • Create a new dedicated extension browserpass-otp in the Browserpass org
  • Browserpass v3, upon receiving a decrypted password entry from the native host, will see if there is an OTP URL or seed, and if so, will automatically hand this value off to browserpass-otp extension (if it is installed).
  • browserpass-otp is then free to do anything it wants with the OTP url, it can generate codes, show them on the page, insert in the form, copy to clipboard, etc. - the limits are only your imagination 😉

This approach has the following benefits:

  • No need to communicate with native host at all.
  • No need to select pass entry twice in the popup (as it would have been the case for two extensions that are unaware of each other).
  • This extension will only have access to OTP url, but not the rest of the pass entry contents.
  • We can always revoke the communication between browserpass and browserpass-otp if the latter does something terrible.

At the same time I’m satisfied by the minimal impact on Browserpass extension:

  • No OTP-related code in Browserpass codebase
  • No mention of OTP in UI, not even hidden in settings
  • Still recommend against storing OTP codes in password store

I’m not planning to contribute much code to browserpass-otp myself, but because this will be a whitelisted extension in Browserpass, I would like to establish the following requirements:

  • browserpass-otp must belong to Browserpass org on Github
  • The entire development must be done via pull requests
  • @erayd or I must approve every PR

Question to community:

Who is interested to write code for browserpass-otp extension? Please speak up.

And as usual, please share any feedback you have, if not for your comments in #322 and #331, we would not be discussing this at all 😉

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eraydcommented, Apr 16, 2019

I have now published the OTP extension in the Firefox and Chrome extension webstores.

This is a very, very, extremely, don’t-rely-on-it-for-anything, dev release… but it works, and it’s now available for those who really want OTP functionality right now. Please pay close attention to the following caveats:

  • The OTP extension generates a new code and copies it to the clipboard every time you do something with a Browserpass entry which contains an OTP secret.
  • You must have at least v3.0.12 of the Browserpass extension installed in order for this to work.
  • There is currently no UI at all.
  • The code in the clipboard doesn’t yet refresh - if you need a new code, you must invoke the Browserpass entry again.
  • You don’t need to do anything in order for the OTP extension to function - just having it installed is sufficient.
  • There’s currently a bug where OTP takes priority over the copy username / copy password functions of browserpass. This will be resolved within the next few days once a proper UI is implemented.

Expect to see a number of updates over the next few days as development continues. Feedback is welcome - please contribute your comments, ideas, criticisms, wishlists etc. over at the browserpass-otp project repository.

ghostcommented, Apr 8, 2019

It wasn’t reimplemented into the new extension, therefor the functionality was taken away.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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