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Wrong import when using `--es_opt=target=ts`

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👋 Hello,

I’ve noticed a problem when I import a type between my protos while using --es_opt=target=ts.

in a.proto:

enum MyEnum {
  SOME_VAL = 0;

in b.proto:

import 'a.proto';

message MyMessage {
  MyEnum type = 1;

and when using

protoc -I proto/*.proto --es_opt=target=ts --plugin=protoc-gen-es=./node_modules/.bin/protoc-gen-es ...

the generated b_pb.ts contains

import {MyEnum} from "./a_pb.js";

which is invalid since the file name is of course a_pb.ts.

I guess it should either generate the import with the .ts suffix OR just leave it off since that’s valid, too?

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satetsu888commented, Sep 24, 2022

Thanks for this issue and answer! This helps me so much.

I met a similar issue with using Next.js, but this is simply solved by add a resolve rule in webpack. I am leaving this just for next one who came here using Next.js 😃

Add below to next.config.js

  webpack: (config, options) => {
      resolve: {
        extensionAlias: {
            '.js': ['.ts', '.js'],
    return config
smaye81commented, Sep 12, 2022

@stephanos I added an example using Jest and esbuild to our connect-web-integration repo here. I actually was able to get things running with mostly the same setup as we have documented, so I think our documentation may be ok.

At any rate, maybe this will provide some help in your issue from last week. I know you mentioned you were working, but just wanted to let you know this was available.

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