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How to transfer arguments to WebAssembly binary generated from C?

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Hello, I converted below C code to WebAssembly binary using wasi-sdk-14 (I downloaded wasi-sdk-14.0-macos.tar.gz)

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main (int argc, char ** argv) {
    char * buf = (char *) malloc(100);
    memcpy(buf, argv[1], 100);
    printf("buf: %s\n", buf); 
    return 0;

And I am using below script to run the WebAssembly binary file which name is prog.wasm.

open System
open Wasmtime

let main _ =
  let path = "prog.wasm"
  let engine = new Engine()
  let wm = Module.FromFile(engine, path)
  let linker = new Linker(engine)
  let store = new Store(engine)

  let cfg = new WasiConfiguration()


  let instance = linker.Instantiate(store, wm)
  let func = instance.GetFunction(store, "_start")
  let result = func.Invoke(store)

What I want is to transfer arguments to the binary. But _start function does not have any arguments. I guess _start function is entry point of code which executes main function…

So my question is how to transfer arguments to the binary generated from C code? Additionally, I also wonder that how to pass standard input.

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iwatecommented, Apr 6, 2022


When you add WithInheritedArgs() config, the args of your app will be passed to wasmtime. So, WithInheritedArgs() equals to .WithArgs(Environment.GetCommandLineArgs())

The screenshot’s program and command line arguments print this output.

buf: Hello

So, -- is placeholder for arg0 which is insted of path/to/the/app.dll.

iwatecommented, Apr 6, 2022

I think WithArgs can do it.

let cfg = (new WasiConfiguration()).WithArgs("--", "Hello,World!")

This is my code for learning. I hope this will help.

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