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"asset not found" Error while file is present in webpack-assets.json

See original GitHub issue


I came across this issue and I am not sure if it’s due to the unusual folder structure of my project or if it’s a bug from webpack-isomorphic-tools.

The issue can be reproduced on

After running npm run webpack if you run npm start to start the application server, you’ll see errors being emitted by webpack-isomorphic tools about some assets not being found.

Here is the debug output:

.local ~/Codes/webpack-iso > npm start

> webpack-iso@1.0.0 start /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso
> NODE_ENV=dev node app/bin/server.js

[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] instantiated webpack-isomorphic-tools with options {
  "debug": true,
  "assets": {
    "json": {
      "extensions": [
    "scss": {
      "extensions": [
  "webpack_assets_file_path": "webpack-assets.json",
  "webpack_stats_file_path": "webpack-stats.json"
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] entering development mode
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] registering require() hooks for assets
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug]  registering a require() hook for *.json
[require-hook] [debug] Hooking into *.json files loading
[require-hook] [debug] -----------------------------------------------
[require-hook] [debug] Overriding an already existing require() hook
[require-hook] [debug] for file extension .json
[require-hook] [debug] -----------------------------------------------
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug]  registering a require() hook for *.scss
[require-hook] [debug] Hooking into *.scss files loading
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] flushing require() caches
[require-hook] [debug] require() hook fired for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/base.scss
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] require() called for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/base.scss
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug]  requiring ./src/base.scss
[require-hook] [debug] require() hook fired for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/webpack-assets.json
[require-hook] [debug] Fallback to original loader
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [error] asset not found: ./src/base.scss
[require-hook] [debug] require() hook fired for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/mod-1.scss
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] require() called for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/mod-1.scss
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug]  requiring ./src/mod-1.scss
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [error] asset not found: ./src/mod-1.scss
[require-hook] [debug] require() hook fired for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/file.json
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug] require() called for /Users/fbonnefont/Codes/webpack-iso/app/src/file.json
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [debug]  requiring ./src/file.json
[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [error] asset not found: ./src/file.json

What puzzles me is that for example ./src/base.scss is actually present in webpack-assets.json but under the path ./app/src/base.scss… The project_base_path I gave to webpack-isomorphic-tools server is the same as the one used in my webpack.config.js as suggested in your docs but I think that the issue might come from that setup.

Do you know what the issue could come from?


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  • Created 8 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AndrewRayCodecommented, Sep 10, 2018

I know this library is deprecated and I can’t tell if this is the same issue, but after upgrading to Webpack 4 I’m getting lots of

[webpack-isomorphic-tools] [error] asset not found

repeated for all of my css imports

and a huge stack trace starting with:

[0] [webpack-isomorphic-tools/plugin] [error] TypeError: require(...) is not a function
[0]     at Object.<anonymous> (containers/Game/Game.scss.webpack-module:2:87)
catamphetaminecommented, May 21, 2016

FYI I’m posting this in every issue and PR to notify whoever may be interested: today I’ve released an alternative helper library called universal-webpack. It takes a different approach than webpack-ismorphic-tools and instead of hacking Node.js require() calls it just compiles all code with target: 'node' webpack configuration option. As a result, all Webpack plugins and features are supported. If you think you might need that here’s an example project:

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