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Hack require in Webpack compilation

See original GitHub issue

I’m wondering if you ever discovered a way/created a plugin for Webpack to redefine requires for server compilation through Webpack. You suggested here the maybe this could be done through NormalModuleReplacement plugin.

webpack-isomorphic-tools are working great for me if I pre-compile my files with Babel or use babel-register but I’m running into situations, such as on AWS Lambda, that I would prefer to make a server bundle with Webpack, then I don’t have to zip all my client node_modules and upload them to Lambda.

Wondering if there is an easy way to do this?

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  • Created 8 years ago
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catamphetaminecommented, Jan 6, 2016
catamphetaminecommented, May 21, 2016

FYI I’m posting this in every issue and PR to notify whoever may be interested: today I’ve released an alternative helper library called universal-webpack. It takes a different approach than webpack-ismorphic-tools and instead of hacking Node.js require() calls it just compiles all code with target: 'node' webpack configuration option. As a result, all Webpack plugins and features are supported. If you think you might need that here’s an example project:

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