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Add command to show flagged posts that got not deleted yet (or post automatically)

See original GitHub issue

Sometimes spam reports about smaller sites get less attention than they need, either if they’re followed by many other reports or if only few people are online at the time.

I would suggest that Smokey should keep a list of all reported posts that got positive feedback or no feedback at all yet and are not yet removed from the site. A command like !!/pending would then show a list of all those reports that still need more flags or feedback. Example:

"Skin care tips" by "SpamUser" on [MS] (reported 12 minutes ago, 1 tp, 0 naa, 0 fp, post score -3)
"Best essay writing service" by "Writer" on [MS] (reported 6 minutes ago, no feedback yet, post score -1)

This would be very helpful to make sure no reports slip through and to verify if anything needs more flags after a bunch of reports appeared without having to walk through the links manually.

Additionally, it might be useful to not only post this report on demand but also automatically for posts in the list that were reported more than e.g. 10 minutes ago.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Undo1commented, Oct 1, 2016

@hichris1234 I’d disagree - it’d be cheap (from an AWS-resources point of view) on the metasmoke side, and I’ve been looking for something to work on in metasmoke anyway so my time is free.

I see this being useful during the peak spam time, which happens to be the time when I’m sleepy. Sleepy me doesn’t like clicking on the last 10 reports just to get 404s on most of them. I also don’t like doing that while I’m on a crazy-restrictive datacap like I am now.

Anyway, for me, it seems worth it. Laziness is good.

Wrzlprmftcommented, Nov 19, 2016

Today, a blatant spam post on Graphic Design survived for two hours due to being buried under reports from bigger sites, and this is not the first time I observed something like this. I usually note these cases when reviewing on the respective sites. This may happen more often than we are aware of.

@hichris1234 : 30 reports per day is a lot given that we have about a hundred reports per day (at least according to Metasmoke).

To avoid nuking false positives, we can exclude everything that got any feedback other than spam/abusive, i.e., FP, NAA, vandalism, …

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