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Adding EventStore to my endpoint fails

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying to add EventStore to my endpoint but it’s failing with this exception:

2020-08-02 14:08:42.505 ERROR Moving message '54a9f936-25fa-4eb0-afc6-ac0b00b7a829' to the error queue 'error' because processing failed due to an exception:
System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No item found in behavior context with key: Aggregates.UnitOfWork.IDomain
   at NServiceBus.Extensibility.ContextBag.Get[T](String key)
   at NServiceBus.Extensibility.ContextBag.Get[T]()

In the handler endpoint, I copied the code from the ToDo example (from the Domain\Endpoin.cs) to initialize the endpoint. In the sender endpoint I modified the CommandToDomain method (copied it from Infrastructure\Extensions\BusExtensions.cs) to be like this:

public static async Task CommandToDomain<T>(this IMessageSession bus, T message, bool timeout = true) where T: MyBaseCommand
		var options = new SendOptions();

		Task task = bus.Send(message, options);

		await Task
			.WhenAny(Task.Delay(TimeoutSeconds), task)

		if (task.IsFaulted && task.Exception != null)
			throw task.Exception.InnerException;

		if (!task.IsCompleted)
			throw new CommandTimeoutException("Command timed out");
	catch (Exception ex)
		// TODO: Logger

P.S: I don’t know if this is related but I even added the same Mutator used in the ToDo sample but request is not reaching MutateIncoming method at all.

I don’t know what’s missing or what should I specify in other files (as I said I copied the Endpoint.cs file to my project)

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

charlessolarcommented, Aug 5, 2020

Ok got it - the NSB folks deprecated a feature component I was using to position registration of my internal stuff.

I fixed that and a couple other breaking changes from EventStore and its good to go now.

One thing to note though if you are using the TodoMVC sample. Make sure FakeItEasy remains at version 5.4.0. Don’t update to 6.0.0 or 5.4.1 / 5.5.0. AutoFixture and FakeItEasy folks are having issues keeping a stable api

charlessolarcommented, Aug 4, 2020

@AbdoDabbas Thanks for the report and email! I will have to check it out strange that it works in 7.2.4…

I will update the packages on those apps and try it for myself.

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