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ProjectionsManager is failing because there's no SSL certificate available.

See original GitHub issue

Hi again 😃, In EventStore v20 they use TLS by default, so when I try to run EventStore without enabling TLS, on my dev machine, I face an exception about SSL connection and I figured out (by EventStore’s users help) that if I’m not using secure connection I need to specify the HTTP schema in the ProjectionsManager creation like this:

var manager = new ProjectionsManager(client.Settings.Log, client.Settings.GossipSeeds[0].EndPoint, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5), httpSchema: _httpSchema);

I cloned the source code of Aggregates.NET and did the changes needed and it worked !. Two changes in file EventStoreConsumer.cs:

  1. In method EnableProjection I replaced:
var manager = new ProjectionsManager(connection.Settings.Log, connection.Settings.GossipSeeds[0].EndPoint, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30));


var httpSchema = GetHttpSchema(connection.Settings);

var manager = new ProjectionsManager(connection.Settings.Log, connection.Settings.GossipSeeds[0].EndPoint, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(30), httpSchema: httpSchema);
  1. In the method CreateProjection I did the same as the previous one.

  2. Method GetHttpSchema is as the following:

private string GetHttpSchema(ConnectionSettings settings)
	return settings.UseSslConnection ? "https" : "http";

What do you think? is that a correct solution for such an issue?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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charlessolarcommented, Aug 17, 2020

Ah I see, you only need to commit to the clone you created then you can create a pull request from those changes!

AbdoDabbascommented, Aug 17, 2020

@charlessolar I did a pull request.

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