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Slow preformance on expand and select checkboxes

See original GitHub issue


I know there are ALOT of posts related to this issue but I still didn’t find a proper answer for this problem. I’m using this (GREAT ! ) module with nodes list ~10K . When trying to select a checkbox with a list of >1K - the system is lagging. In addition , using treeModel.expandAll() - is also lagging. Also programically using those lines are codes are showing poor preformance :

selectAllNodes() {
        const firstNode = this.tree.treeModel.getFirstRoot();

    deselectAllNodes() {
        const firstNode = this.tree.treeModel.getFirstRoot();

It is not clear if there is some kind of fix for those problems in the near future (or not…).

Plunker :

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  • Created 5 years ago
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amunra2112commented, Apr 17, 2018

Hello I don’t know if it helps but also with huge trees expandAll and collapseAll can be quite fast with some drawbacks which @adamkleingit may be able to find and explain.

  public setExpandedNodes(expandedNodeIds: any) {
    this.tree.treeModel.expandedNodeIds = expandedNodeIds;

  public collapseAll() {
    let expandedNodeIds: any = {};
  public expandAll() {
    let expandedNodeIds: any = {};
    for (let node of this.tree.treeModel.roots) {
      expandedNodeIds = this.updateNode(node, expandedNodeIds, true)

  private updateNode(node: TreeNode, expandedNodeIds: any, expand: boolean) {
    let newExp = expandedNodeIds
    let children = node.children
    if (children) {
      for (let child of children) {
        newExp = this.updateNode(child, newExp, expand);
    if (node.hasChildren) {
      return Object.assign({}, newExp, {[]: expand});
    return newExp;

One problem is that no event is fired for the expand and collapse but this may not be a problem for you

mfigcommented, Aug 13, 2021

I know this thread is old but I run into same issue. Here’s snippet for checkbox performance issue (Select all) that you can pass with options I managed to reduce delay from 5-10 sec to ~160ms (I have ~2.5k elements in tree).

const actionMapping: IActionMapping = {
    mouse: {
        checkboxClick: (tree: TreeModel, node: TreeNode, $event: any) => {
            if (!node) {
            const value = !node.isSelected;
            const selectedLeadNodes = tree.selectedLeafNodeIds;
            setNodeSelected(tree, node, value);
            tree.selectedLeafNodeIds = Object.assign({}, selectedLeadNodes, {[]: value});

            function setNodeSelected(tree, node, value) {
                if (node.isSelectable()) {
                    selectedLeadNodes[] = value;
                } else {
                    node.visibleChildren.forEach((child) => setNodeSelected(tree, child, value));

const options: ITreeOptions = {
    useCheckbox: true,
    useVirtualScroll: true,
    nodeHeight: 25,
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