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Unable to remove a user from CLA.

See original GitHub issue

It seems there is no way at all to remove a user from the list of users covered by the CLA.

(Aside: There was a previous issue filed here #201, but that was closed due to it being “stale”, and then labeled as “wontfix”.)

We have a real world case of a user leaving a team, and now we need to update the list of users covered under the CLA to remove the username. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be possible to do this.

I’ve tried exporting/import, but that doesn’t work.

URL to the linked Repo/Org:

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Export list of users as csv file.
  2. Edit the file to remove the entry/line for a single user.
  3. Import the edited csv file.

What is the expected result? The user should be removed from the list of users.

What happens instead? The user is not removed.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

jackkoenigcommented, Sep 14, 2020

In case anyone comes across this again. I tried this recently, and was able to successfully remove a user’s signature. Unfortunately, now they cannot sign again. Clicking I Agree just doesn’t seem to do anything.

I know next to nothing about web programming so please forgive any abuse of terminology, using Chrome DevTools the response upon clicking I Agree appears to be:

"Empty value for parameter 'owner': undefined"
MichaelTsengLZcommented, Jan 29, 2019

Try to hit this end-point with header like this:

x-token: 'your-personal-token'

with body like this:

// if you link an repo
  user: abc,
  userId: 123,
  endDate: '2019-01-29T01:53:31.779Z',
  owner: 'my-repo-org-name',
  repo: 'my-repo'
// if you link an org
  user: abc,
  userId: 123,
  endDate: '2019-01-29T01:53:31.779Z',
  org: 'my-org'

Here is the implementation details

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