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New fork resolving vulnerabilities and incorporating most current PRs

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description


As issues had not received feedback here and the latest commit 3 years ago, I went ahead to make a fork and publish it as @brettz9/node-static.

Besides making a few of my own changes:

  • (Breaking change) npm: Set engines to 10.11.0+ (allowing native URL to fix an issue and better flexibility in language features)
  • Security Update/fix: Use URL constructor over deprecated url.parse; should fix Open Redirect issue
  • Optimization: ‘use strict’ directive
  • Refactoring: Use safer non-prototype version of colors
  • (Also some plain, dev-facing changes; see our

…the fork also incorporates the following, indicating also the PR numbers here that they close:



I also made some updates/improvements to the PRs:

  1. Expanded the fs.stat checking, adding one beyond that covered in the original fs.stat PR (#223), and covering the newly-added one in the defaultExtension PR (#173).
  2. Updated minimatch (#183)
  3. I avoided the Travis addition, as figured might use GitHub Actions if someone wants to do so.

These remaining prexisting PRs were not fully incorporated:

  1. #189 - the PR for #138 allowed for disabling of cache already; if you still want the f and false aliases, feel free to file an issue
  2. #184 - Looked like there were concerns
  3. #177 on README improvements; I figure some would be good, but would like to continue showing output and keeping headings (useful in navigation for users of HeadingsMap type browser add-ons, as well as for accessibility in general)
  4. #172 - There is no longer a need for avoiding the reserved static keyword, as I renamed the examples (to use statik).
  5. #166 - I guess we could protect overwrites to writeHead, but what’s to prevent someone from rewriting setHeader? If it’s a common enough use case to overwrite writeHead, I could add the preventative measure, esp. with a test.

Remaining steps:

  1. The Unauthorized File Access issue does not appear to be an issue per testing (if it ever was); if you can provide a test case where it fails, please report
  2. I’ve added nyc for coverage, but I’m not sure that with vows, we can do binary file testing. I’m thinking whether we should switch to mocha for this (I prefer that to jest for the ecosystem). Ideally we’d get to full coverage, including the binary.

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:6
  • Comments:33 (15 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cloudheadcommented, May 24, 2021

I’m well aware of supply chain attacks… but basically a big part of that responsibility is on users auditing their dependencies. I did my duty of making sure @brettz9 is a legitimate contributor to the open source community (which he clearly is), and so I think he will do a great job. I wouldn’t have given write access to someone with no credentials or github history!

Zarelcommented, Aug 10, 2021

@cloudhead I did it! I converted all history since 2018 (i.e. everything @brettz9 pushed) into a linear tree. You can take my cleaned history with:

git checkout -b zarel-master master
git pull zarel-master
git checkout master
git reset --hard 6efac07ba8c01

You can then go ahead and do an interactive rebase with git rebase -i 83aac2e to clean the history to your liking.

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