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Publish New NPM version for Node-Static

See original GitHub issue

Hey 👋 I notice its been a while since a new version of node-static has been pushed to NPM, and the version that currently exists there contains the package minimist which has a (github advisory) for it. This package was being used which is used by a package in this project called optimist. In this pull request, @brettz9 removed optimist to resolve this vulnerability. As a result, publishing a new version of node-static will ensure that all users of this package will use a safe version by default.

cc @cloudhead

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  • Created 2 years ago
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brettz9commented, Mar 31, 2022

If you look at , it was last published 4 years ago, and the latest version is 0.7.11.

If you use the “blame” feature for the file defining the version, you can see a commit from 12 months ago where it was changed from var to const (but still listing 0.7.9) at the time.

Thus, the version just hadn’t been updated despite subsequent releases up to 0.7.11

As to why there is a const, etc., there have been (many) changes on master since that time and we are awaiting a new publishing. The project owner still needs to give final approval on these changes, so these many changes have not been published to npm yet.

FWIW, some of the changes are available on my fork, @brettz9/node-static (using a different (smaller) versioning number as it is an independent project), but as the author of the regular node-static here eventually replied granting access to the project with openness to including my changes, I resumed work here.

francoisihrycommented, Sep 27, 2022

Thank you @brettz9 we look forward for a new version to be released so that we can easily integrate the fix.

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