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Is it possible to use `ngx-sub-form` with template driven forms?

See original GitHub issue

Is it possible to use ngx-sub-form with template driven forms?

This means using ngModel, ngModelGroup + directive validation?

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:8 (1 by maintainers)

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andreElricocommented, Jun 12, 2019

Yes it really takes out the complexity of react. forms. Ill def give it a try.

maxime1992commented, Jun 11, 2019

Just to demo what I’m talking about @andreElrico, if you look into the MedicalDroidComponent:

  selector: 'app-medical-droid',
  templateUrl: './medical-droid.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./medical-droid.component.scss'],
  providers: subformComponentProviders(MedicalDroidComponent),
export class MedicalDroidComponent extends NgxSubFormComponent<MedicalDroid> {
  protected getFormControls(): Controls<MedicalDroid> {
    return {
      color: new FormControl(null, { validators: [Validators.required] }),
      name: new FormControl(null, { validators: [Validators.required] }),
      droidType: new FormControl(DroidType.MEDICAL, { validators: [Validators.required] }),
      canHealHumans: new FormControl(false, { validators: [Validators.required] }),
      canFixRobots: new FormControl(false, { validators: [Validators.required] }),
<fieldset [formGroup]="formGroup" class="container">
  <legend>Medical Droid Form</legend>

    <input matInput type="color" placeholder="Color" [formControlName]="formControlNames.color" autocomplete="off" />

    <input matInput type="text" placeholder="Name" [formControlName]="" autocomplete="off" />

  <mat-slide-toggle [formControlName]="formControlNames.canHealHumans">Can heal humans</mat-slide-toggle>

  <mat-slide-toggle [formControlName]="formControlNames.canFixRobots">Can fix robots</mat-slide-toggle>

Could you maybe rewrite that as template driven form to compare?

I think the boilerplate here is fairly small, but would be interesting to have something to compare to 😄

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