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JSON.parse() throws errors when response contains an array

See original GitHub issue

I haven’t done much testing but some endpoints seem to respond with arrays which cause JSON.parse() to fail. For example: ChampionMastery.list returns a stringified array that parses with no issue. TournamentStub.create returns a normal array that throws errors in JSON.parse().

I’m not sure if it’s Riots fault or something in the lib causing it but I’m using this workaround for now. I haven’t tested it with every endpoint but checking for array and calling stringify on it seems to be a working bandaid until a permanent solution is found.

let res = await this.limiter.executing({
try { 
  if (Array.isArray(res)) {
    res = JSON.stringify(res)
   const blob = JSON.parse(res)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

srcpackcommented, Jan 26, 2018

It works. I’ll leave the issue open and leave it you to close when you’re ready. Thanks.

cnguycommented, Jan 26, 2018

It should work now. 😃

The fork dependency from the git master branch URL has been moved to the npm registry, so I won’t be accidentally breaking any projects now haha.

This fix is in kayn@v0.8.4 so make sure to upgrade! Let me know if it works, and if it does, feel free to close the issue.

edit: Actually, it might be better to leave this issue up for a while just in case anyone else stumbles upon problems with the old versions or problems with .create like I did before you told me about it.

The code below should work cleanly (and the ChampionList example above should work with the right API key too).

 const provider = await kayn.TournamentStub.registerProviderData(
const tournament = await kayn.TournamentStub.register(provider, 'kappa')
const codes = await kayn.TournamentStub.create(tournament, {
    mapType: 'SUMMONERS_RIFT',
    metadata: 'Kappa',
    pickType: 'TOURNAMENT_DRAFT',
    spectatorType: 'NONE',
    teamSize: 5,
}).query({ count: 5 })
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