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Support GitHub Actions

See original GitHub issue

This would make it much easier to switch CI to run on GitHub. This woked for me:

action "Push Coverage" {
  uses = "docker://node:11"
  needs = ["Only Branch Pushes"]
  secrets = ["CODECOV_TOKEN"]
  runs = "bash -c"
  args = ["npx codecov --disable=detect --commit=$GITHUB_SHA --branch=${GITHUB_REF#refs/heads/}"]

It would be even cooler if you offered an Action that could be run on any project (Node or otherwise)!

action "Push Coverage" {
  uses = "codecov/action@master"
  needs = ["Test"]
  secrets = ["CODECOV_TOKEN"]

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domoritzcommented, Oct 17, 2019

@jerrode do you have an update for this? Codecov still doesn’t seem to work on github actions without a token (which means it doesn’t work in forks for PRs).

jerrodecommented, Jan 10, 2019

Thanks @j-f1 ! Github Actions is in the product pipeline for this quarter

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