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[Feature Update] Adding `Recommendation System`, `ChatBot`, `Speech Recognition` and `Text Classification` to the app

See original GitHub issue

As Machine Learning is revolutionizing the world, I would like to discuss some features which I would like to add to make this app more accessible and user friendly.


  • Recommendation System - According to users preference, the courses will be presented to the user to make him more engaged towards learning through this app as the main motto of this app is education.
  • ChatBot - In Doubt Forum, chatbot should be added to answer the basic doubts of the users. This will also make it fun and more engaging for the users because users can’t wait for long to get answered. If chatbot can handle the basic questions, it’s good or it will send the message to the admin something as this user <name> needs an answer.
  • Speech Recognition - In Search Bar, speech recognition(users speaking their search instead of typing them) feature should be added as users prefer speaking more than typing.
  • Text Classification - An application of Text classification which is Sentiment analysis should be added in comment section of every courses. This will benefit the admin putting their courses in the app as they would understand if the users reaction are positive or negative towards this course.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Abhishek-kumar09commented, Mar 22, 2021

Looks good for the extension of the app. We can break this issue into several smaller issues to divide the work. Recommendation system and text-classification system is something that will be good use if we have enough data. But still these are good and fancy features to add.

@KeenWarrior ping!

cosmo3769commented, Mar 26, 2021

@KeenWarrior @Abhishek-kumar09 @kunal-kushwaha Can you assign this task so that this issue could be worked upon? Also, explain how this issue will be divided, will this be worked by 2-3 people together?

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