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refractor:prettify all the files of the repo

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description


The repo contains many eslint and prettier errors, the command npm run format prettified all the files. I’m hoping to solve all the eslint errors. Should I make a PR for this? The files affected after prettifying were:

        modified:   .eslintrc.json
        modified:   .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
        modified:   .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/
        modified:   .github/
        modified:   .github/
        modified:   android/app/src/main/assets/capacitor.config.json
        modified:   capacitor.config.json
        modified:   package-lock.json
        modified:   package.json
        modified:   public/manifest.json
        modified:   src/App.js
        modified:   src/App.test.js
        modified:   src/Routes.js
        modified:   src/actions/accountActions.js
        modified:   src/components/Button/ButtonComponent.js
        modified:   src/components/auth/Auth.js
        modified:   src/components/courseCard/courseCard1.js
        modified:   src/components/courseDetails/schedule.js
        modified:   src/components/courseDetails/scheduleDetails.js
        modified:   src/components/wishlistCard/index.js
        modified:   src/config/index.js
        modified:   src/constants/index.js
        modified:   src/context/SettingsContext.js
        modified:   src/index.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/BottomNav.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/TopBar/Account.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/TopBar/HeaderItems.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/TopBar/Item.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/TopBar/index.js
        modified:   src/layouts/MainLayout/index.js
        modified:   src/pages/CoursePageViewWithVideo/index.js
        modified:   src/pages/HomePage.js
        modified:   src/pages/HomeView/Hero.js
        modified:   src/pages/HomeView/NonHero.js
        modified:   src/pages/HomeView/index.js
        modified:   src/pages/PersonalPage.js
        modified:   src/pages/ProfilePage.js
        modified:   src/pages/WishlistPage.js
        modified:   src/pages/wishListView/index.js
        modified:   src/reducers/accountReducer.js
        modified:   src/reducers/index.js
        modified:   src/reportWebVitals.js
        modified:   src/services/authService.js
        modified:   src/setupTests.js
        modified:   src/store/index.js
        modified:   src/theme/index.js
        modified:   src/theme/shadows.js
        modified:   src/theme/typography.js
        modified:   src/utils/analytics.js
        modified:   src/utils/axios.js
        modified:   src/utils/bytesToSize.js
        modified:   src/utils/getInitials.js
        modified:   src/utils/settings.js
        modified:   src/utils/wait.js

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

abhishekkumar08commented, Mar 12, 2021

Hey, @abhishekkumar08 We can better add prettier to the repo: So whenever w e will run npm run format, It will automatically format the whole code. We had already integrated prettier in codeforcause/codeforcause repo. You can have a look there.

It’s already there in this repo also, I only ran the command, seems like no one has used it till now. So asking to create a PR for the same.

Siddhant-K-codecommented, Mar 12, 2021

was saying the same in #17

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