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HTTP headers and custom data added in Custom Asserters not cleaned up

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Issue Description

Describe the bug I use Custom Asserter to add a header/custom data to an HTTP Request for some tests. I use AssertConvoBegin to attach it and AssertConvoEnd to remove it after the test. The problem is that if a test fails then AssertConvoEnd method isn’t triggered and the header/data isn’t removed - it is persistent in next convo tests and it makes them fail, because the handler method depends on the existence of this particular header/data.

To Reproduce It’s easier to show it. image

Expected behavior I expect the header/data to be removed even if the test fails. Maybe you have a different idea how to attach custom headers/data to some tests? Only to some, I don’t want them in all tests (I set the header Authorization in requestHook.js), but this is the only thing I want in all tests!

Botium Flavour:

  • Botium Box not used
  • Botium CLI not used
  • Botium Bindings 2.0.16

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

piotrjakcommented, Dec 19, 2019

everything is solved. thanks for helping. just one additional thing I changed. using container.pluginInstance.view.context.location instead of container.pluginInstance.view.location so I have all the additional fields added on the context object. a lil bit cleaner imo


module.exports = ({ requestOptions, context }) => {
  // set the authorization token for every request
  requestOptions.headers.Authorization = `Bearer ${process.env.TOKEN}`;

  if (context.location) {
    requestOptions.body.location = context.location;
piotrjakcommented, Dec 18, 2019

ah, ok. thanks for the snippet. I had LOGIC_HOOKS as a field under $.botium and not $.botium.capabilities. it works! but now I would have to convert SIMPLEREST_BODY_TEMPLATE and SIMPLEREST_HEADERS_TEMPLATE values to strings instead of objects (objects look cleaner in botium.json config) and use moustache templating.

is it possible to put the { lat, long } object somewhere so I can add the location field in requestHook? yes, there is. anything you add on container.pluginInstance.view object is added to an argument that is passed to requestHook function


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