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Add Open Graph Meta for crawling and JSON results

See original GitHub issue


I try to add Open Graph Meta inside my JSON results, my goal is to build a custom page based on the FESS JSON search to display the results with these fields by results :

  • Title (based on <meta property=“og:title”)
  • Description (based on <meta property=“og:description”)
  • Thumbnail (based on <meta property=“og:image”)
  • Url (based on <meta property=“og:url”)

I try to add it on doc.json like this :

"og:title": { "type": "keyword" }, "og:description": { "type": "keyword" }, "og:image": { "type": "keyword" }, "og:url": { "type": "keyword" }

And add it inside :


On the extractor side : <!-- Open Graph --> <postConstruct name="addFieldRule"> <arg>"og:title"</arg> <arg>"//META[@name='og:title']/@content"</arg> </postConstruct> <postConstruct name="addFieldRule"> <arg>"og:description"</arg> <arg>"//META[@name='og:description']/@content"</arg> </postConstruct> <postConstruct name="addFieldRule"> <arg>"og:image"</arg> <arg>"//META[@name='og:image']/@content"</arg> </postConstruct> <postConstruct name="addFieldRule"> <arg>"og:url"</arg> <arg>"//META[@name='og:url']/@content"</arg> </postConstruct>

I restart the web crawling, but my json response is steel the same http://localhost:8080/json?q=flying :

[ { "filetype": "...", "title": "...", "content_title": "...", "digest": "...", "host": "...", "content_length": "351497", "timestamp": "2018-05-02T08:51:08.722Z", "url_link": "...", "created": "2018-05-02T08:51:08.722Z", "site_path": "...", "doc_id": "cbbba5547af04318aadec0d2de49e2a5", "url": "https://...", "content_description": "...", "site": "...", "filename": "...", "boost": "1.0", "mimetype": "text/html" } ] No attribute og:*

Any idea? Thanks by advance!

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

inycommented, May 3, 2018

Hello there,

Could you try it this way?

<postConstruct name="addFieldRule">
    <arg>"//META[@ property =\"og:title\"]/@content"</arg>


You can edit other “og” tags like this

marevolcommented, May 3, 2018

To add a custom field(ex. og_title), steps is:

  1. Add a field name to query.additional.response.fields in fess_config.properites query.additional.api.response.fields is for API response, such as JSON.
  2. Start Fess
  3. Add a field type to doc.json ex. {"og_title": { "type": "keyword" }}
  4. Start reindexing with Update Aliases
  5. Create Crawling Config with Config Parameters ex. field.xpath.og_title=//META[@property='og:title']/@content
  6. Start Crawler
  7. Edit JSP files(ex. searchResult.jsp)
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